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Santa Fe Tankless Water Heater Services

The tankless water heater is a relatively new technology that many homeowners in Santa Fe have decided to install. Why are people choosing tankless water heaters? They offer a virtually endless supply of hot water and can lower utility costs.

If these advantages sound good, turn to Capitol Contractors. We are your top choice for tankless water heater services in Santa Fe. Whether installing a new system or repairing and maintaining an existing unit, you can rely on us.

As plumbing technologies change, we remain committed to providing our customers with quality services. There is a reason we have been in business for 50+ years.

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How do Tankless Water Heaters Work?

Instead of heating and storing water, tankless water heaters produce hot water on demand. When a homeowner turns on their shower, faucet, or any other fixture, cold water flows into the tankless unit. The water passes through a heating element that warms it to the desired temperature. Then, the unit directs the water to the fixture for use. Most tankless water heaters have flow rates between two and five gallons per minute (GPM). This is often plenty enough to support a household’s hot water needs.

Why Install a Tankless Water Heater?

The benefits of tankless water heaters include:

  • Energy Efficiency: According to the U.S. Department of Energy, tankless units can be up to 34% more efficient than a standard water heater.
  • Lower Utility Bills: Because tankless systems use less energy, property owners can pay less monthly for hot water.
  • Longer Lifespan: While storage tank water heaters last about ten years, tankless units can last 20 years or more.
  • The Exact Volume of Hot Water You Need: Tankless units produce hot water on demand and can supply a consistent stream for as long as needed.

While tankless water heaters are more expensive upfront than storage units, their cost savings can make them a worthwhile investment. Consult with our team at Capitol Contractors about installing a tankless water heater at your home in Santa Fe. We can help you get the perfect system for your needs and budget.

Tankless Water Heater Repair

Is your tankless water heating system not working properly? A skilled member of our team can diagnose the issue and address it. We understand that people choose tankless units for their efficiency and reliability. Do not miss out on the benefits of this technology by letting a problem go unaddressed. In a plumbing emergency, call (505) 989-7916. In all other situations, schedule a convenient repair appointment.

Capitol Contractor is your go-to for tankless water heater services in Santa Fe. Contact us today!

    "Excellent work"
    Our heat went out late Saturday night - We called Capitol Plumbing and the crew, two men, Xavier and Alex, were here early Sunday morning. The furnace was removed and by 6:00 pm the new furnace was up and working - The heat was on and the house warmed up quite fast. Xavier and Alex were friendly and worked very efficiently replacing the old furnace. They were very helpful and informative and explained everything about the new furnace and answered all our questions. When crew had completed the job, they waited until the temperature was up to the degrees necessary for furnace to work. Thank you for a job well-done and I would recommend Capitol Plumbing and Heating in Santa Fe to anyone who needs plumbing work done. Thank you, we are once again warm and cozy.
    - Pauline Rindone
    "Emergency service was also quick and efficient and very Professional."
    Xavior, arrived at a much needed time to fix our leak. He was fast to detect the leak and addressed the situation in a professional manner. It was late and after hours but he was not hurried and explained what happened, what he did and what has yet to be done. If you are not using them or need good service we recommend them, they responded among the many we tried to reach, so they will have our business for some time to come. Thank you for relieving our problem and minds.
    - Ed Silba
    "Service with humor!"
    After being stood up by another plumber we called Paul's Plumbing & Heating, Inc. They contacted Xavier and Beto from Capitol Plumbing and Heating who fixed our outdoor faucet, which would not turn off. Xavier explained everything and showed us the process. He was professional, witty, and patient with my questions. I highly recommend them and am also impressed Paul's Plumbing contacted them since they didn't have any available crews. Both companies have customers' best interests in mind.
    - Jill
    "Very happy with Xavior and Capitol"
    My kitchen sink x2 was hopelessly plugged up. Filthy water that had backed up was just sitting there. That is so unhealthy. I called Capitol this morning and they said they'd send out a serviceman in a couple of hours, which they did. Xavior came by and did a great job. He was polite, knowledgeable, smart and neat....no mess left behind for me! And best of all, the drains are running perfectly! Capitol has also installed my furnace and water tank, all within the last year or so (3/2021). And I am VERY pleased with that result as well....thanks to Adrian for that....great job.
    - Xavior did a great job
    Both Tomas and Xavier Martinez were prompt and courteous. They went beyond what was a leaking hot water valve. After replacing the valve and water line hose, they checked the boiler system and found it was not properly operating and took care of it for us. We were thankful for their thoroughness and quick service.
    - Dave Wilkison
    "Excellent friendly knowledgeable service."
    Had them install a complete new system for heating water and and radiant heat system. Went to a tankless hot water system. They worked very efficiently and wasted no time installing the system. Workers were friendly and explained everything about the equipment and answered my questions since I was not familiar with the tankless hot water system and the radiant heat used in homes. They hauled away the old tank and boiler and a soft water system that was out dated. It took about two days but the water was only off for part of the first day and we had hot water that night for showering. Over all a very positive experience and I would highly recommend Capitol Plumbing & Heating of Santa Fe for all your plumbing needs.
    - Rod
    "Very Satisfied"
    Very knowledgeable.
    - Keith
    "Happy Repeat Customer"
    Excellent service!
    - Past Customer

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